How to Void a Payment

A quick note: Voiding a payment is a permission, which is controlled in your user role. If you do not see the options for voiding a payment, it's likely due to what permissions your role has assigned to it. Contact your Shepherd admin to get your role updated.

Part 1: Updating Invoice Status

In order to void a payment:

  • A payment has to be made

  • The invoice's status has to be 'Checked Out'

Updating the invoice status

To update the invoice status:

  • Open the invoice

  • Click the dropdown next to the invoice number

  • Select 'Checked Out' from the dropdown

This will trigger a popup asking if you're sure you want to update the invoice status to 'Checked Out.' Click yes.

Part 2: Voiding the payment

After ensuring the invoice's status is 'Checked Out,' you'll be able to void the payment. Completed payment information is most easily accessed through the client dashboard, so your first step will be to open the client's dashboard. To access that:

  • Click 'Clients/Patients'

  • Search for the client

  • Click their name to open their dashboard

Once you've opened their dashboard, scroll down to the 'Payments' section of the page. From there:

  • Find the payment you want to void

  • Click the three dots on the right side

  • Select 'Void'

This will trigger a popup that asks if you're sure you want to void the payment. Click 'Yes' to finalize voiding the payment.

Note: depending on the payment and transaction, you may only have options for voiding and printing.

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