How to Add a New Patient to Shepherd

Adding new patients is a great sign that your practice is growing—so take a second to pat yourself on the back!

To add a new patient, you first need to make sure you have a client in your database to associate them with (since the animals you care for don't tend to have a bank account or a good way to contact them for setting up appointments).

If you need to learn how to create a client, check out our guide.

To add a new patient to your database:

  1. Click 'Clients/Patients'

  2. Search for the client who's bringing them in

  3. Click on the client's name to open their client dashboard

Once their client dashboard is open, click the 'Add Patient' button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the patient creation screen.

When you're creating a patient, you'll need to add their:

  • Name

  • Status ('Active,' 'Inactive,' 'Deceased')

  • Species (selectable via a dropdown)

  • Breed (dependent on 'Species' being selected; selectable via a dropdown)

  • Sex (M, F, MN, FS, U)

  • Color

  • Date of Birth

  • Age (populates from the 'Date of Birth' field being filled in)

  • Microchip number (Tip: this is searchable on the 'Clients/Patients screen)

  • Rabies Tag (tip: this is searchable on the 'Clients/Patients screen)

  • Alerts (i.e. 'Needs a muzzle for blood draw')

This is how the patient alert looks on the dashboard.

Tip: you can also add a photo of the patient, as well. This can be done:

  • Through your device's camera (if you're using a tablet) by clicking 'Add Photo

  • Adding an existing photo you have on record by clicking 'Browse Photos

Once you've added all the information you need, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen.

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