Scheduling an Appointment

Learn how to schedule an appointment, including recurring appointments.

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Appointments can be scheduled from two places: the client or patient profile and the appointment schedule directly.

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Creating an Appointment

Scheduling from the Patient Profile

  1. Navigate to the patient profile. Here, you'll be able to see a few things that can provide insight into the patient's specific needs, such as upcoming reminders, which is a benefit of scheduling from the profile directly.

  2. After you've reviewed the patient's upcoming schedules/medical history a bit, select the + button in the Upcoming Appointment box. This will bring you to the Appointments Schedule. Once the schedule has loaded, you'll note that the patient's information is at the top of the page.

  3. Select a slot on the schedule

  4. By using this method, the software will prefill the client and patient in the appointment.

Add Appointment to the Schedule Directly

To schedule a new appointment directly on the schedule, select + Add Appt in the top right-hand corner. From there, you will apply the existing client and patient to the appointment. You can also create an appointment without a client or patient applied if you want to add a placeholder for a new client until they arrive for their appointment.

Recurring Appointments

Recurring appointments can be set either weekly or bi-weekly and you can select what days of the week the appointment will repeat. You will also select when the recurring appointment will end after X amount of occurrences.

Note: when editing a recurring appointment, you will be prompted to confirm if the changes should be changed on "This and future appointments" or "All appointments".

Appointment Notifications

Scheduled appointments will receive email and text (SMS) message notifications based on the Admin settings. Specific appointment types can be enabled or disabled for automatic appointment notifications. Clients can also have default settings if they wish to receive appointment notifications or not, regardless of the appointment type settings.

Regardless if the email and SMS notifications are toggled on by default when scheduling an appointment, you can toggle them on or off as needed for this specific appointment.

Automatic Forms

Appointment types can be linked to form templates in Admin that way when a new appointment is created, it will automatically email the client any corresponding forms that need to be completed before the appointment.

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