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Creating and Exporting a Client List
Creating and Exporting a Client List

Looking to see all of your clients in one place? Here's how to do it.

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Note: this requires report-generating permissions. These permissions are given in the role(s) assigned in your user profile. You can learn more about roles in our roles guide.

There are plenty of reasons to want to see all of your clients in one place. Whether that's because you're sending out an email or because you want to get a rough count of how many clients visited over a certain period of time, exporting a client list is a valuable tool for just about every veterinary practice.

To get started:

  1. Select ‘Reporting’ on the left hand side of the screen. This will open your reports page.

  2. Select ‘Client Report.’

  3. Choose the parameter you want to run the report by

    1. Last patient date created: If the creation date of a client’s newest pet falls within the timeframe specified

    2. Last SOAP date: If a patient has a SOAP that was created within the timeframe specified

    3. Client date created: If a client was created within the timeframe specified

    4. All data: Any client tied to an action in a database within the specified timeframe

  4. Select the timeframe you want

  5. Choose how you want to view the report

When you choose how you want to see the report, you have three options:

  • Create report

  • Download as PDF

  • Download as CSV

Create Report

This is a good way to get information at a glance without having to use another application. While you can filter and sort in this view, you’ll be limited to those manipulations and won’t really be able to do much data analysis.

Download as PDF

If you need to print a report off and give it to someone, this is the way to go. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to do any data analysis (unless you bust out some scratch paper and a highlighter).

Download as CSV

If you’re looking to do an in-depth analysis of the report, this is the way to go. Downloading as a CSV allows you to open the report in programs like Excel, LibreOffice, Numbers, and Google Sheets. These programs allow you to sort, filter, and manipulate data in more powerful ways than the other two options.

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