Writing a Prescription Outside a Patient's SOAP

Writing a prescription outside a patient’s SOAP is done through the patient’s dashboard. To get to their dashboard:

  1. Click ‘Clients/Patients’

  2. Search for the patient or the client associated with the patient

  3. Click on the patient’s name

Once you’ve opened the client’s dashboard, click the ‘Add Rx’ button on the right side of the screen in the ‘Prescriptions’ box. This will open the New Prescription’s page.

Once the ‘New Prescription’ page has been opened, you’ll see the fields:

Let’s go over these in a bit more detail.


If you’re able to fill the prescription from your practice, you’ll select ‘In-House.’ If you need a pharmacy to fill it, you’ll mark it as ‘Written.’

If that’s the case, you’ll also need to note whether the prescription is controlled or not (a little checkbox will appear underneath the medication name).


Medication is the product you’ll be prescribing to the patient. It’s directly tied to the products in the ‘Products’ section of your practice’s admin.

Quantity Dispensed

This is the quantity of the medication you’ll be prescribing for each refill

No. of Refills

The number of refills given for the prescription.

Expiration Date

When the prescription expires.

Calculate Quantity

This is a handy tool that helps you determine quantity based on the doses you need per prescription.


Not to be confused with discharge instructions (which can populate automatically based on the prescription), the directions are best used in specific situations when a client will need explicit instruction on how to administer the medication/treatments you’re prescribing.

Prescribing Doctor

You’ll also need to add a prescribing doctor. On top of being necessary for the patient's medical record, it's also how you're able to track production.

Saving the Prescription to the Medical Record/Invoice

After you’ve filled out all the fields, hit ‘Save’ and the prescription will be added to the patient’s medical record, along with any discharge instructions and directions. The prescription will also automatically populate in the patient’s dashboard, so you don’t need to worry about going back and making sure everything lines up.

Deleting a Prescription Outside a Patient's SOAP

To delete a prescription from outside a patient's SOAP, it first has to either be:

  • Not requested

  • Cancelled

They can be deleted through the:

Deleting a Prescription from the Patient Dashboard

  1. Opening the patient dashboard ('Clients/Patients' —> search for patient —> click patient name)

  2. Opening the prescription in the bottom right corner of the Patient Dashboard

  3. Clicking the red 'Cancel' button

Note: this will only appear if all refill requests have been cancelled. To cancel a refill, you can either go through the Patient Dashboard (same steps as above) and selecting the 'Cancel' option in the prescription refill (pink box).

Deleting a Prescription through Your Clinic Dashboard

Or you can cancel through the 'Rx Refill Requests' tab on the dashboard. To do that:

  1. Navigate to the 'Rx Refill Requests' tab on your practice's dashboard

  2. Locating the prescription you want to cancel

  3. Clicking the dropdown arrow (orange box)

  4. Selecting 'Cancel' (red box)

Once the refill has been cancelled, deleting the prescription follows the same step as a non-requested prescription:

  1. Open the patient dashboard ('Clients/Patients' —> search for patient —> click patient name)

  2. Open the prescription by clicking its name (found in the bottom right corner of the Patient Dashboard)

  3. Clicking the red 'Cancel' button

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