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Prescription Refills
Prescription Refills

Request, approve, complete, and invoice your patient's prescription refills.

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Requesting a Refill

When a client reaches out to request a refill, you will open the patient's profile and then from the Prescriptions section select the Rx being requested. Once the Rx is open, you will select Request Refill.

This adds the refill request to the Rx Refill Requests section on the main dashboard so the team can easily keep track of pending requests.

Approving a Refill

Depending on your clinic's workflow, the team member who is responsible for approving the refill will open the Rx page or approve directly from the Rx Refill Requests from the dashboard.

Completing a Refill

After a refill request has been approved, you will complete the refill, which will allow you to print a new Rx label and automatically add the Rx to either a new invoice or an existing invoice.

When completing a refill, you have the option to notify the client via email or text message (SMS) that the refill is ready for pickup. A default message is sent to the client but you may also add custom notes to the email or text message.

Denying a Refill

If a refill is being denied, you will select Deny Refill and enter a reason why the refill is being denied.

Editing a Refill Label

If you need to edit the Rx directions on the label before approving a refill, you can do this by selecting Edit Label after the refill has been requested. Changes to the Rx must be made before approving the refill though as the only change that can be made after the refill has been approved is updating the expiration date of the medication.

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