Shepherd allows you to create estimates in two ways:

Once you've opened a blank estimate, filling out the fields looks exactly the same.

You can also edit an estimate as long as its status is "Pending."

Create an Estimate Outside a Patient’s SOAP

To make an estimate for a patient outside of a SOAP (if they're not checked in or the estimate is for a future service/plan),

  1. Select ‘Add Estimate’ in the ‘Actions’ box at the top of the patient's profile.

  2. This will open a new blank estimate.

Note: Estimates must be imported into a SOAP in order to be approved by the client.

Tip: Even unapproved or pending estimates will live in the patient’s medical record, so you can search for them in Shepherd at any time.

Create an Estimate Inside a Patient’s SOAP

If a patient’s already checked into your practice and you want to create an estimate in their record for services to be done that day:

  1. Open the patient’s SOAP (either through the clinic dashboard or their patient dashboard)

  2. Select ‘Add New Estimate’ on their SOAP Summary Page

  3. This will open a new, blank estimate within the SOAP.

Note: If an estimate is created within a SOAP, it cannot be imported to another SOAP. Creating an estimate within a SOAP should be meant for services to be done that day/hospital stay.

Filling Out a Blank Estimate

When making an estimate, you’ll need to fill out:

  • Estimate title: something descriptive that’s easy to find in a patient’s medical history

  • Expiration date: how long the estimate is good for

  • Patient weight: the patient's most updated weight

  • Products to add: all products necessary for the treatment

  • High/low quantities: if there's a quantity range for a specific line item, you can adjust the high/low quantity (which will change the price)

  • Notes: any reasoning behind what's included on the estimate

After your estimate has been filled out, save it by selecting the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. After you've saved the estimate within a SOAP, you can add it to the patient's treatment plan.

Tip: While you can't currently create estimate templates for repeated use across all patients, you can create product bundles, which can be added to an estimate as one product.

Editing an Estimate

You can only edit an estimate if it has not been approved. If you need to edit an estimate, you can do so just by opening it and updating the desired fields.

If the estimate has already been approved, you'll need to edit the treatments and services in the patient's treatment plan.

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