Shepherd and Sunbit have partnered to help expand access to pet care with Buy Now, Pay-Over-Time flexible payment options for your pet owners.   

  • Over 90% pet owner approval rate* 

  • 30-second application*

  • No hard credit check to apply*

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*Figures provided by Sunbit. Subject to approval based on creditworthiness. 0-35.99% APR. Not available in VT, WV, or WY. Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

As promised, we've continued making design changes to provide you with the ultimate user experience. The following changes are what you'll see in this release.


The newly designed invoice has all the same functions you're used to, laid out in a more functional way. We've utilized the sidebar to display the invoice summary beside the invoice items.


The payment screen now features a more seamless flow, including the invoice summary in the sidebar to view alongside the invoice details. Process payments in a few easy steps:

  1. Select a payment type

  2. Enter the payment amount

    (Toggle on Pay all Invoices or enter a custom amount and choose the amounts to apply to open invoices listed below in that section)

  3. Check Out!

If using Shepherd Pay, select the payment method in Step 3 as shown below:

Client and Patient Profile

We revamped client and patient profiles! Updates include:

  • A detailed sidebar that scrolls separately from the main page with the action buttons in a dropdown selection

  • Sectioned and organized client and patient information

  • Fresh tabs design!

Dashboard | Today's Appointments

The new design of Today's Appointments on the dashboard makes it simple to view the details of upcoming appointments, confirm pet portal check-ins, and more!

Accordion Arrows

Accordion arrows that are used to expand and collapse sections now live to the left of the section title.

Body Maps in Physical Exam Templates

  • Add body maps in physical exam templates or opt to automatically import the patient's most recent body map when the template is selected in the SOAP.

  • Coming soon: Import a previous body map in a new physical exam regardless of the selected template settings

Bulk Invoice Actions

  • Within an invoice, you can now select several items to add to the invoice all at once.

  • Remember! You can also do the following from the bottom of the invoice:

    • Select one, multiple, or all invoice items to apply an itemized discount or update the production user

Inventory Updates

  • The Inventory Status Report has moved! It's now located under the Inventory Status section for quicker access.

    • This report now includes a Cost column which provides the calculation of the purchase order item cost + the cost of your initial count

    • Exports will total the cost and value columns

    • The number of units and unit type now have separate columns

    • Each item is linked to its individual item edit page

  • Inventory Items Report now includes 3 new columns for Qty on Hand, Cost, and Value.

  • Individual Inventory Item Profiles now display the current Qty on Hand, Cost, and Value

  • When adding the initial count for an inventory item, you have the option to add the initial count value to retain accurate cost data for the inventory.

Archive & Recover Archived Entry Updates

  • Physical Exam Templates, Boarding Resources, and Providers can now all be archived and unarchived

Shepherd Pay Chip Readers

  • Shepherd Pay clinics will soon be able to take payments using a chip reader terminal! With Shepherd Pay as your payment type, toggle on EMV Chip Terminal for the payment method to capture the payment using the chip terminal at checkout.

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