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Release Notes | 12.28.22
Release Notes | 12.28.22

Greenline and Fetchit integrations, plus review new and upcoming design upgrades!

Updated over a week ago

This is the first wave of some experience and visual upgrades that we have been working on! Check out some of the improvements released this week, and look forward to more exciting changes to come.

Visual Effects, Icons & Font Updates

Shepherd visual effects are now more intuitive, and popup windows and modals are thoughtfully placed for easy viewing and seamless navigation. Hover highlights, contrast, dynamic styling for alerts, new icons, fonts updates, and more make Shepherd even easier to use and more pleasing to the eye (who knew that was possible!). Check out some of our favorite 'iconic' updates!

Activity Logs

All activity logs can now be viewed from a standardized location, opening in a convenient side panel in Shepherd to view overall history. You can sort and search the history directly in the side panel.

Menu Updates

Some of the user-specific menu options have moved to a sub-menu located at the bottom of the menu. This is where you will now find "my profile" access and lock screen and log-out options.

Patient & Client Profiles

Take a sneak peek at upcoming design changes to the patient profile! Utilizing the sidebar and re-configured buttons, you'll see more of what you use most at your fingertips. Hint: the sidebar on the right scrolls independently of the main profile and patient history!


Stay tuned for exciting updates to invoice and payment screens that will make viewing, understanding, and processing invoices easier than ever before.

Appointment Schedule

We know it can be tough to see a large appointment schedule with all of the important details at a glance! Here are some highlights for upcoming changes that simplify navigating the appointment schedule:

  • Full-screen view with the click of a button.

  • The calendar sidebar is being removed and split into two separate buttons to allow more space to view the schedule. Note: This does not add too many extra clicks to view different days on the schedule either.

  • Customization of the time slot intervals displayed on the schedule.

  • Available time slot options will be displayed to make it easier to find an opening for that specific provider and appointment type.

  • Calendar and list display options for the provider, day, and week views.

  • A sidebar panel to quickly see appointments for that day with an "upcoming" appointment status. Hint: This could help you quickly see what appointments need to be confirmed.

Greenline digitally processes manufacturer coupons and rebates and supports loyalty and wellness programs. The integration helps automate this process and prevent lost reimbursement. Visit our help article to learn more and get started.

Fetchit reduces the amount of time being spent by staff gathering basic and repetitive information during everyday calls. With our integration, the full patient record is accessible with one click of a button as soon as an established client calls, providing instant access to the necessary details for your staff. Contact us through chat or contact Schultz Technology directly if you would like to get started with this integration.

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