New Features


Add your shortcuts within Shepherd! Create clinic-level and user-level shortcuts to enter pre-determined text quickly in any open text field. Select from the icons in the upper right corner to view and select your clinic's shortcuts or your user-specific shortcuts.

Be sure to check out our help article for all the details!

Tip: Using Text Blaze? Use Shepherd Shortcuts instead!

Pet Portal | Client Check-Ins

Save valuable time for your clinic by enabling clients to check in for their own appointment, right from the pet portal! You'll receive a notification on Today's Appointments in the Dashboard to confirm or cancel pet portal check-ins.

Notifications by Appointment Type

You can now set notifications by appointment type! When creating or editing a notification template, select the appointment types that should receive the notification. Set SMS only, email only, or both SMS and email notifications to be sent to a client based on their appointment type. Also view an appointment type's linked notifications from within the appointment type. If no specific notifications are selected for an appointment type, default templates will be sent.

New Integrations

Fear Free

Our Fear Free custom-built integration embeds an emotional medical record (EMR) directly into your workflow to quickly access and track the patient’s fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) score and changes over time. A pre-visit questionnaire (PVQ) is also available to send to clients via email. Easily see what physical and emotional needs each patient has before they arrive for their exam.

Be sure to check out our help article for all the details!

Feature Updates

Forms Updates

Internal Forms

Create a new form directly from the Assessment tab of a SOAP. These forms are included in the SOAP, Patient Lifecycle, and the Medical Record. Use this feature to create internal forms like Anesthesia monitoring forms, dental charts, treatment and surgery forms while you're seeing the patient. Say goodbye to all that extra paper!

Import Completed Forms into a SOAP

You can now import a completed form directly into your Active SOAP from the patient profile. You'll see the new import icon on any completed form giving you the option to import the form into the Active SOAP or the Patient History.

Automatic Task Assigned to SOAP User(s)

When a treatment or service with an automatic task is administered, the task will now be assigned to the user(s) selected on the SOAP Summary page. This saves your clinic time having to return to the client record and assign tasks manually.

Dashboard Updates

Search Clients & Patients

When viewing your clinic dashboard on the Active Patients, In Review, or Lab Pending tabs, you can now search for clients or patients within that tab. Search by client name, patient name, or reason for visit to narrow results to the record you're looking for in the corresponding tab.

Assigned to Me

You can now view the assigned user as the default view on the Dashboard. You can also filter to view only SOAPs that are assigned to you with the Assigned to Me button.

The Assigned to Me button is a feature that originated in the Whiteboard; you'll see below that it was added in tasks now too!

Pet Portal Updates

Customize Available Actions

You can now select which options you'd like your clients to have when utilizing the pet portal. Allow or disable features such as Appointment Requests, Prescription Refill Requests, and Online Payments if you use Shepherd Pay. As more features are added, you'll see more options here!

Save Payment Methods

Clients can now save new credit/debit cards they use to pay invoices in the pet portal to their client profiles for future payments. They'll be able to use, edit, and remove these from within their pet portal and changes will also be reflected in their client profile.

New Lifecycle Filters

You can now filter a patient's Lifecycle by any Diagnosis, Problem or Chronic Condition that has been applied in a SOAP. Select SOAP from the filter options to view the additional filters.

You can also filter to view Emotional Medical Records; part of our

Fear Free integration!

Sending Medical Records to Clients

Goodbye zip files! When sending medical records now, the veterinarian or client will no longer get an automatic zip file. The email from your clinic will include a secure link to a custom landing page with their documents. They can download one or all documents and save them locally.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!

Continued Design Updates to Exported Documents

Last release you saw updates to the full medical record! In this release, you'll see updates to...

  • Vaccination Certificates

  • Rabies Certificates

  • Discharge Exports

  • Individual SOAPs

More coming soon!

Estimate Updates

You can now access all patient estimates from Patient History and import any active estimate into a SOAP, regardless of where it was created (even from within another SOAP). Estimates will always reflect original pricing from the creation date and remain visible in Patient History when imported into a SOAP.

View Only Tasks Assigned to You

You can now filter tasks to view only the ones assigned to your user. Easily toggle between all tasks and your tasks with the Assigned to Me button.

Bulk Email Statements

You can now email statements to several clients at once. On the Invoices page from your main menu, select one or more clients with invoice balances, customize your email, and send their statements all at once using the new Email Statements button.

Antech Integration Update

Improvements for lab orders have been made on the modal when submitting the order and printing the requisition form.

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