Release Notes | 9.7.22

Body maps, custom appointment notifications, SOAP plan re-design & more!

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New Features

Body Maps

You will now see interactive body maps available to use within a physical exam and on form templates. This is helpful for drawing and tracking things like "lumps & bumps" during an exam and also when creating forms for things like dental charts.

Within clinic settings, you are able to turn on or off what maps you want available in your exams and form templates. Be sure to check them all out!

Custom Appointment Notifications

You can now set completely custom email and SMS appointment notifications! You can determine what time interval the notifications are sent out as well as the verbiage on the template. For example, by default Shepherd has sent a text message out 48 hours, 24 hours and 2 hours before an appointment, but now you can update it to meet your practice's needs and change the day of text message to send 3 hours before an appointment instead of 2 hours.

Resubscribe Clients for Email and SMS Notifications

If a client has unsubscribed from receiving email or SMS notifications and would like to be subscribed, you will now see a "Resubscribe" button on the client profile so you can get them enrolled again. Note: if a client has opted to "stop" receiving text messages, they will not receive them unless they reply to "start" again regardless of the notification options enabled in Shepherd.

Pin Patient Profile Notes

You can now double-click on the pin icon on any note in a patient’s profile to pin it to the top of the patient history.

Feature Updates

SOAP Plan Re-design

You will now see that Tx Plan, Tx Schedule, and Tx History can all be viewed on the same page! This will save time and allow you to locate history quicker without having to click between tabs. Each section is collapsible and you can also search within the Tx History section now for easy auditing and verification of what was performed already.

With this update, you will also see some button updates. Instead of "Order Treatments" and "Administer Treatments" being located in a dropdown option, they each have their own button; "Order Treatments" now says "Schedule Treatments". There is also a new button when editing a specific treatment so you can "Save and Schedule" instead of having to save first and then schedule.

Form Updates

You will see more formatting and input options within form templates. This includes the ability to add body maps to forms as well as the ability to create tables within forms. With both of these additions, you can now create forms like dental charts and anesthesia logs to be completed during procedures.

Cage Card Updates

Cage cards have been reformatted so that the patient’s name and client’s name are larger and easier to see at a glance. The patient's age was also added.

Patient Report Updates

When generating a patient report, you can now run the report by "First SOAP Date" to allow for a more refined report on new patients seen within the the selected date range.

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