New Features

Static Bundle Pricing

You can now create a bundle that has a static price rather than having the total reflect all of the individual line items. When creating a new static bundle you will need to assign a single product category to the entire bundle and all of the revenue for those line items will be tracked in that product category.

Feature Updates

Prescription User Permissions

Two new user roles related to prescriptions and refills have been added. You will now see a new role for creating prescriptions and a new role for approving for denying prescription refills.

SMS Auto Response

You can now enable or disable the automatic message that is sent if a client sends a text message outside of office hours.

Physical Exam Auto-Save

Physical exams are underway for full auto-save! Initially, once a physical exam has been saved for the first time, any edits thereafter will be autosaved. Coming next is implementing auto-save on new exam templates.

Form Updates

You will now see a forms tab on the patient profile in addition to the client profile. With the forms tabs, you will also see an actions icon to import the completed form directly into the patient’s medical record instead of saving a PDF and having to upload it into the patient documents manually.


You will now find the reminders listing within the reporting section in admin.

Inventory Updates


You can now print or download a CSV file for the Inventory Items Below or at Reorder Point Report.

You can now print or download a CSV file for the Inventory Items Report.

Purchase Orders

On the purchase order, you will now see the current quantity on hand listed and also be able to update the ordered quantity if you are ordering more than the suggested amount.

Duplicate Clients

If you are creating a client that has some of the same information as a client already created, you will now see a pop-up to verify if you do want to create the new client and help avoid creating duplicates.

Pet Portal Updates

With Shepherd Pay, pet owners can now pay invoices online with any card and it does not have to be a saved card already on file.

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