New Features

Mass Email

Within the message center, you now have the option to send a mass email to clients. Check out the help article for more information.

Feature Updates

Client Notification Preferences

Within the client profile, you now have more options to track their communication preferences to differentiate specifically what communication or notifications they want to receive. For example, individual text messages vs mass texting vs appointment text reminders or all three.

Appointment Notifications

You can now enable or disable specific appointment types to receive notifications so notifications do not have to be turned off manually when scheduling certain types of appointments.

Message Center

Within the clinic settings, you now have the option to enable or disable both individual texting and mass communication.

Inventory (It Has Moved!)

You can now find the entire inventory section under admin with the exception of inventory reports, which have been moved to reporting.

When receiving inventory with an increase in cost, you now have the option to have the selling price increase or not.

You can now link products that are set up as a “service” type to an inventory item.

For quick reference with vendors, you can now list additional information such as rep contact information, account number, etc.

To help create both products and inventory items easier, you now have the ability to create inventory items directly from the admin product page. You can also create a new admin product from the inventory item.

When working on an inventory count, you can now finalize individual lines/products instead of having to wait and finalize the entire count at one time.


You can now duplicate form templates to help create new, similar forms without having to start from scratch.

Clinic Settings

Within clinic settings, you now have the option to enable or disable the automatic printing of rabies certificates. (Coming soon will be the option for discharge instructions!)

Patient Information

On the patient profile, you will now see a new field for “additional information” so you can list additional patient details as needed.

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