New Features

Automatic Sign Out Per User

You can now add a custom automatic sign-out period per user. The default clinic settings will be used if a custom period is not assigned.

Printing a Cage Card

You can now print a cage card directly from the patient profile. This function still exists within a SOAP as well.

Tip: the cage card will print on the same size label for Rx's so you could even use it for a patient label if needed.

User License Types

We are now offering a "relief vet package" as part of the monthly subscription for Shepherd. This will allow you to add relief doctors as needed without having to pay for a full-time doctor. With this addition, we have implemented a "License Type" option when adding a new user, which includes "employee", "doctor", and "relief doctor".

Feature Updates

Schedule Updates

Confirming appointments via text message

If SMS notifications are turned on for an appointment, clients will now receive an additional text message that is sent 48 hours before the upcoming appointment. This text message will prompt the client to reply to the message to confirm the appointment. The client's reply will not automatically change the status for the appointment to confirmed, but the message will be received in the message center.

You will then see a listing of all upcoming appointments for that client directly in the message center and can quickly update the appointment status to confirmed without having to navigate to the schedule.

You can see the verbiage for the new text message as well as the existing text messages in the help article.

Add a new patient to existing client

When scheduling a new appointment, you can now add a new patient to an existing client.

Search Updates

When you navigate to the client & patient search page, the cursor is now set on the search bar so you can start typing right away.

You can now search for specific line items within the invoice line item section on the patient profile.

When you are viewing different pages within the invoices and reminders sections, your current page will be saved if you navigate away and then back to that section so you do not lose your place.

You can now see client and patient alerts on search results.

For practices that have migrated data, you can now search by legacy client and patient IDs (the ID from your previous software program).

SOAP Checked In Date & Time

The checked-in date and time are now displayed at the top of each SOAP for quick reference.

Whiteboard Notifications

If there are any pending STAT treatments or scheduled treatments that are overdue, you will now see a red notification dot displayed next to the whiteboard menu item.

Reorder Bundle Line Items

You can now reorder bundle line items within the admin settings.

Inventory Improvements

A date column was added to individual counts so you can now see the specific date that the item was added to the count.

The quantity displayed on the inventory transactions now reflects the actual number of the count that was added. Previously it was showing a difference between counts.

The user who entered an inventory transaction is now being logged and displayed on the main transactions page.

Client Signature on Estimates

You can now see the client's signature directly on the estimate screen after it was captured.

Printed estimates now have a blank line for the client to sign.

Client Medication Option

You can now mark products that are set up with the type "product" as a client's medication when ordering treatments. Remember, this will allow you to schedule and document a medication being administered, but it will not add a charge on the invoice.

Vitals Temperature

Temperature entries now retain up to the tenth place so you can enter 100.0 instead of just 100.

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