New Features


You can now create forms directly within Shepherd! This first release is focused on client-facing items — think things like new client forms and consent forms. Forms can be emailed or sent via text message for clients to fill out electronically!

Here is the help article for full details.

Pinning a Client Note

You can now pin a client note, by double-clicking on the note, so it will stay at the top for quick reference.

Lab Integrations

We have completed integrations with Antech Diagnostics and Zoetis Vetscan Fuse! If you are interested in using the integration, let us know and we will get your credentials set up.

Feature Updates

Emailing Records

When a record is being emailed from Shepherd, the attachments will now be sent via a download link rather than including a ZIP file directly in the email. The download link will still download a ZIP file — this is necessary to compress the file.

Stop Individual Tx’s

You can now stop individual or multiple selected treatments — rather than having to stop all treatments to remove one.

Invoice Check Out with Pending Tx’s

Marking an invoice as 'charges complete' with pending Tx’s in the SOAP, you receive a pop-up warning asking if you wish to proceed. This warning is now also displayed when marking the invoice as 'checked out' — in case you bypass charges complete.

Production Report

Production user dropdown now includes “Clinic” and “Unassigned” options.


You now have the option to create a PDF of the conversation upon closing it. Generate PDFs for all conversations when closing them to retain access to the client conversation history in an exportable format.

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