New Features

App design updates

New fonts, new colors—who dis?

QuickBooks Journal Entry Report

You can now export a journal entry and import it directly into your QuickBooks account.

Referral Source Update for rDVMs

Referral sources can now have emails associated with them. These emails will automatically populate when you're sending a record to that referral source.

Tip: you can add more than one referral source to a client profile so you can track marketing sources as well as referring veterinarians in the same place.

Custom Medical Record Export & Email Options

  • You can now create a customized medical record export with options like:

    • Specific dates or date ranges

    • Invoice line items

    • A weight chart—and more!

  • Medical records can be sent directly from Shepherd.

    • The SOAP can be emailed individually from the SOAP summary page.

    • The full medical record can be emailed from the patient profile.

    • The medical record can now easily be sent to an rDVMs (see above)

  • Exported medical record formatting has been updated to have:

    • A more intuitive folder layout

    • Updated filenames

  • Coming soon: We're working on an option to email all record attachments as download links.

Boarding Calendar

You can now track boarding reservations directly in Shepherd. Be sure to check out the help article for all of the details!

Print the Schedule

You can now print the daily schedule by provider or for all providers. This is accessed directly on the schedule via a print icon in the top right-hand corner.

Tip: You can also set clinic defaults for what view you'd like to see printed every day.

Feature Updates

Checked Out Invoices

When an invoice is paid in full, it will automatically be marked checked out—so you don't have to go back to change the invoice status after receiving the payment.

Patient Lifecycle

The filter options have been updated to also include (on top of existing filters):

  • Physical exams

  • Vitals

  • Files

    • Addendum

    • Document

    • Imaging

    • Lab

    • Patient

Tip: This is a great way to view all exams (and only exams) in one place.

Inventory Updates

Location and vendors can now be exported as a CSV.

Patient History

  • Chronic conditions added outside of a SOAP no longer list the user who added the condition as the doctor since that user may not be a doctor.

  • Patient notes now have a title option so you can better organize the patient history from a glance.

    • The user who added the patient note will no longer be listed as the doctor since this user may not be a doctor.

Physical Exams

The text boxes inside of a physical exam are now expandable so you can see all of your notes without having to scroll to the right for longer entries.

Client Emails

Automatic appointment reminder emails that are sent to clients are now logged in the client activity log.


  • Totals are now statically displayed so you can see them without having to scroll

  • Totals reflect any on-screen filtering that is applied

Tip: For the Summary Report, each section total can be exported individually, and will reflect any on-screen filters

  • The controlled drug report had some small rounding differences between the in-app report, the CSV, and the PDF which have been resolved

Coming soon: an export for all reports that reflects any on-screen filters

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