Feature Updates

Message Center/2-way SMS (v2)

  • Closing a conversation now lets you to generate a PDF of that conversation

    • This automatically uploads into the client's document section

    • We'll be updating this so the PDF will open in a new tab, allowing you to upload the conversation wherever works best

  • The client's profile now has a messages tab where you can:

    • View previous messages

    • Send new messages

  • The messaging center

    • Has updated filtering (by status)

    • Lets you navigate directly to the client profile


  • The Rx directions are no longer editable from the patient profile

  • Label edits made outside of an active SOAP will now be logged as "Rx Change"

    • Appears in the interface as well as in the record

    • Is useful if the dose is changed verbally after the patient has the meds


  • Additions

    • Additional filtering options

    • Period sales data on client reports

    • Exportable section results that reflect any on-screen filters

  • Updates

    • You'll see some formatting improvements on PDF, CSV and on-screen reports

    • The production report can now be run by specific providers

Patient Age

  • Users can now enter the patient's age by years, months, weeks and days


  • Add-on test functionality has been updated

  • Orphaned results mapped to a patient now upload a PDF to the SOAP


  • Admin products can now be linked to the inventory item from the inventory item's page (here's how)

  • Inventory items are now listed under the vendor and locations list

  • When receiving an inventory item with a price increase, the new inventory cost will automatically update the admin product selling price based on the markup

User Roles

  • The section interface (Admin > User Roles) has been improved

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