Here's what we've been working on (hold on to your stethoscopes!).

Features and Integrations:


The Shepherd inventory management tool is officially out of beta testing! We've updated our help center with some standard how-tos and will also be working on getting some best practice resources in there, as well.

Check out the inventory section of the help center for more info.

2 Way SMS

You can now send/receive texts from clients via SMS in Shepherd. We'll have even more updates coming for this, but it's certainly enough to get going (not to mention booking some appointments).

If you want to get that set up, you can take a look at our SMS setup guide.

Note: sending/receiving images is currently not supported, but is in the works.

Manually archive vaccines

We'd heard from a number of users that things in patient profile's vaccine sections were getting a bit unwieldy.

Now you can manually archive any vaccines that you don't want to immediately see in the in the patient's Vx history. This also allows you to create a custom export for a vaccine certificate.

Note: You can always view archived vaccines if you want the whole picture.

Zoetis integration

We're also releasing our Zoetis Reference Labs integration and we'll be releasing the in-house integration (Vetscan) within the next week.

If you want to get set up, drop us a line. There are a few things we'll need to do to get you set up.

Backend and Functionality Updates

Client activity log

You can now find email and SMS notifications tracked inside each client's activity log.

Note: messages in the SMS message center will not appear here.

Production report and commission updates

If a change is made to a commission amount, the change will be made retroactive for the entire day when the change was made.

When you run a production report, if there were multiple commission rates used during the specified time period, the report will:

  • Reflect the most recent commission percentage

  • Be marked with an asterisk (*) and a note so you know there were multiple rates used for calculations

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