Release Notes | 10.20.21

Whiteboard updates, discharge instruction merge tags, and chronic condition functionality.

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If we've said it once, we'll say it again: Happy National Veterinary Technician Week!

Oh, and we've made a lot of updates, including whiteboard, discharge instruction, and chronic condition functionality. Let's check them out:

Whiteboard: from the whiteboard, you can now:

  • Administer individual treatments

  • Administer multiple treatments

  • Add treatment notes

Discharge instructions: now use merge tags, meaning you can personalize them to the patient with their name, initial complaint, etc. (here's how)

Chronic conditions: can now:

  • Be added outside of a SOAP

  • Have all notes be edited


  • Due dates can be edited when adding a new manual reminder from a template

  • Overdue reminders now show in red on the patient profile

Written prescriptions: no longer have character limits

Lab integrations: have an updated/streamlined flow for product set up

Vaccines: previously administered vaccines can now be edited, including the:

  • Due date

  • Administration date

  • User who verified the Vx

  • Notes

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