Release Notes | 9.15.21

Updates to prescriptions, tasks, SOAPs, and more!

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Feature Updates

  • Tasks: added the ability to assign multiple users to one task

  • SOAPs: now allow for users to be assigned to individual records; check out the guide for more info

  • Invoices:

    • Have a ‘pay all’ button in the payments section

    • Printed invoices now

      • Show patient details

      • Only list patient once with associated line items

  • Discounts:

    • The ‘discountable’ field for products/services is now ‘automatically discountable’

      • This determines which client discounts are automatically applied to certain products/services, not if the item can have manual discounts applied or not

    • All products and services are now able to be discounted manually; this can be controlled based on permissions in user roles.

      • If you want to remove this ability from a role

        • Open the role (Admin > Users > Role > Select Role)

          • Un-select the "Apply Invoice Discount" permission

  • Rx updates:

    • The Rx page has been completely redesigned

    • A prescription can now be labeled as ‘chronic medication,’ which pins the Rx to the top of the patient's Rx list

    • All fields are now editable—as are prescriptions made in SOAPs

    • More info can be found in our Rx update guide

  • Design changes

    • Patient documents (SOAP exports, invoices, invoices, and discharge instructions) have been redesigned

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