Receiving Inventory

After you’ve created a purchase order in Shepherd (and once your order arrives), you’ll be able to receive inventory. You can do that a few ways:

  • From the receive inventory section: Inventory > Receive Inventory

    • Allows you to receive individual products across multiple product orders

  • From a purchase order: Inventory > Purchase Orders > Receive Inventory

    • Allows you to work through a product order, as well as adjust its status (partially received, etc.)

Receiving Inventory from the Receive Inventory Section:

If you want to work through products on a purchase order one by one (handy if you received a few orders from multiple vendors). the Receive Inventory section (Inventory > Receive Inventory) may be your best bet.

Once you're here:

  1. Click on the product that you’ve received

  2. Input the received (or "actual") quantity

  3. Update the cost (optional)

  4. Click ‘Receive’

Receiving inventory from the Receive Inventory section

This automatically updates the quantity in Shepherd. And if you only marked some of the products you ordered on a purchase order as "received," the purchase order's status will change to "Partially Received."

Tip: Our inventory expert Nicole recommends using the Receive Inventory section as a way to monitor any orders that are delayed/backordered across different vendors. If you want more tips, she's full of them—just get in touch.

Receiving Inventory from a Purchase Order

If you want to work your way through by purchase order (as opposed to products), we'd recommend this method. You can get there heading to the purchase order section (Inventory > Purchase Orders) and clicking the purchase order to open it.

From there:

  1. Add in the received quantity (pink)

  2. If you don't need to update the cost- Confirm (green)

  3. If you need to update the cost- Click the 'Receive Inventory' icon (orange)

  4. Repeat for all products you received

Quantities will be updated to reflect received quantities.

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