After you’ve created a purchase order in Shepherd (and once your order arrives), you’ll be able to receive inventory. You can do that a few ways within a Purchase Order:

First, navigate to the appropriate Purchase Order, which can be done in two different ways:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab within the Admin section, then select the "Purchase Orders" tab at the top

  2. Select the Purchase Order from the right side of the screen on the Inventory Dashboard

Once you are in the Purchase Order, you're ready to start receiving your items! There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Insert the number of items you've received in the Received Quantity column

    1. Once you select the circled check mark, a window will open up where you can adjust the quantity and/or cost

  2. Select the Action item to the right of the screen

    1. This will open a window where you can input the quantity and/or adjust the cost

This automatically updates the quantity in Shepherd. And if you only marked some of the items you ordered on a purchase order as "received," the purchase order's status will change to "Partially Received."

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