Once you've created an estimate, you'll be able to add it to a patient's treatment plan. Depending on where the estimate was created, it's a two or three step process:

  1. Import the estimate (if it was created outside of a SOAP) — optional

  2. Approve the estimate to add products to the Tx plan

Approving the Estimate

In order to successfully add an estimate's products to a patient's treatment plan, there must be client approval.

This is done within the estimate in the SOAP. To get there:

  1. Open the patient's SOAP

  2. Select the estimate you want to approve in the 'Estimate' section of the SOAP Summary page

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the estimate and select which method of approval you want

    1. Manual Approve/Decline: requires no signature (tip: this is really great for contactless and curbside care)

    2. Request Client Signature: requires the client to sign via a signature modal.

Manual Approval

When you manually approve or decline the signature, the estimate’s fields will grey out and you’ll be presented with the options to approve or decline the estimate. You can also go back by selecting ‘Cancel.’

Request a Signature

When you request a client signature, a modal will pop up that allows you to take the client’s signature and then approve or decline it. You can go back by selectinging ‘Cancel.’

Adding the Treatments to the Plan

Regardless of how you approve the estimate, once the ‘Approve’ button is selected, you'll can add the products/treatments directly to the Tx plan by selecting the 'Add Products to Plan' button, which will appear at the bottom of the estimate.

To view the treatments on the treatment plan:

  1. Select the ‘P’ tab in the SOAP bar.

  2. Scroll down to the Treatment Plan section, where you can view, order, schedule, and administer them from the 'Order Treatments' section of the Tx plan section.

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