Steps to add products on an estimate to a patient's treatment plan:

  1. Create or import an estimate in the SOAP Summary

  2. Approve the estimate (see more below)

  3. Select which products should be added to the Rx vs. the Plan and proceed!

To add an estimate's products to a patient's treatment plan, you must have client approval.

  1. Create a new estimate or import an existing estimate on the SOAP Summary

  2. Select the estimate you want from the Estimates section

  3. Select one of two approval options

    1. Manual Approve/Decline: requires no signature (tip: this is really great for contactless and curbside care)

    2. Request Client Signature: requires the client to sign via a signature modal.

Manual Approval

When you opt to approve or decline the estimate manually, the estimate fields will be disabled, and you’ll select Approve or Decline.

Request a Signature

When you request a client signature, a pop-up will allow you to have the client review the estimate and sign, then approve or decline it.

Once you approve the estimate, you'll add the products to either the treatment Plan or the Rx tab of the SOAP.

  1. In the leftmost column of the estimate, called Rx, select the checkbox for each item that should be added to the Rx tab. All unchecked items are added to the Plan by default.

  2. Select Add Products to Plan or Rx

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