Vendor Setup

Setting up vendors for your products allows you to keep both your purchase orders and your inventory organized.

To create a vendor:

  1. Click 'Admin' in the left side menu

  2. Select 'Inventory'

  3. Navigate to the 'Inventory Items' tab at the top

  4. Select 'Vendors'

  5. Click the 'Add New' button on the right side of the screen

Clicking the 'Add New' button will take you to the New Vendor section, where you'll be

able to add:

  • Vendor's name

  • Rep Name

  • Code (can be initials for your Vendor)

  • Address

  • Rep Email

  • Account Number

  • Rep Contact Number

  • City, State, and ZIP

  • Note

Note: you'll also need to have added all the locations your items are stored in, before you can add items to the inventory management tool.

Repeat this for all vendors you're supplied by before you start adding items to the inventory tool.

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