Editing/updating an IDEXX Lab Service

  1. Open your clinic's products section (Admin > Products)

  2. Select the IDEXX Products tab

  3. Search for and select the service you want to edit

  4. Click the "Product Settings" button

Opening an IDEXX service from Products > IDEXX Products.

Once you've opened up the product, you'll be able to edit:

  • General information:

    • Status: Active or inactive

    • Product Type: Defaults to "Service;" can be updated

    • Product Category: Defaults to the name of the lab you integrate with; this can be updated

    • Display Name: how the product displays in Shepherd

  • Pricing information:

    • List Price: this is automatically imported from the integration and can be overwritten*

    • Markup

      • Type: Dollar or percentage

      • Amount

    • Dispensing fee: a predetermined fee you charge for administration

    • Dispensing fee amount: how much that fee is; this can be determined by

      • The specific dispensing fee you apply

      • An amount specific to this service

    • Selling Price: What your practices charges clients for the service

      • This will be calculated by list price + markup unless, the "Override List Price" checkbox is selected.

*Tip: If your clinic gets special pricing, override the list price by selecting the "Override list price" checkbox next to "List Price."

Here's how to override a service's list price.

In this section, you can also edit or update other fields and automatic functions, like:

  • Whether or not this service is:

    • Discountable

    • Taxable

    • Included in the medical record

    • Tracked in inventory management

  • Whether the service automatically generates:

    • Discharge instructions

    • Tasks

    • Updated patient status

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