To add or update a breed or species, all you need to do is ask! Send us a message with the species/breed and—assuming it's an actual/reasonable type of pet—we can add it.

If you ask within business hours, we may even be able to update the correct breed within a few minutes. The customer care team member assisting you will let you know what details you need to provide in order to make that happen.

Why can't I add it myself?

Because these lists will update across all Shepherd practices—and because typos are inevitable—we keep this as an internal process to avoid misspellings, nicknames, endless 'doodle' variations, and people who insist they have a pet unicorn 🦄.

As an example, are some favorites out of the old version of Shepherd:

  • Pudle

  • Bashound

  • Dachound

  • Bostonterrior

  • Tree.Walk.Coonhound

  • Fox Terier

  • Grey Hound Mx

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