Adding an automatic Tx History note to a product or services meant that, every time that product or service is administered, a note will populate in the patient's History.

Note: these will need to be saved manually, and can be edited for each patient's unique status.

Tasks can be automatically added from anything in your product database.

Adding an Automatic Note

To add an automatic note to a product or service:

  1. Click 'Admin'

  2. Select 'Products' from the dropdown

  3. Search for the product/service

  4. Click the product

This will allow you to edit—and add a note to—the product.

With the product open, scroll down to the bottom and select the 'Default Medical Record Note' box (pink). This will generate a text box (green), where you can create a default note for each patient's Tx History.

Saving the Note to the SOAP

After the note is saved in Admin, it will populate in the patient's SOAP (in Tx History) whenever the product or service is administered. From there, you'll be able to tailor the note to the individual patient (orange), and then save it to their record (light blue).

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