By attaching automated tasks to a product or service, you'll be able to ensure your team's efficiency and that your practice runs smoothly.

Tasks can be automatically added from anything in your product database.

To add an automated task to a product or service:

  1. Click 'Admin'

  2. Select 'Products' from the dropdown

  3. Search for the product/service

  4. Click the product

This will allow you to edit—and add a task to—the product.

With the product open, scroll down to the bottom and select the 'Automatic Task' box (pink). This will generate the following fields, which you'll need to fill in and save for the automatic task to populate:

  • Task name

  • When it's due

Once that information is filled out and the product or service is saved, the task will automatically populate whenever that product or service is administered in a SOAP or added to an invoice.

To view the task, click on the 'Tasks' section of Shepherd, on the left-side menu.

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