Adding Automated Tasks

Automated tasks can be attached to anything in your product database and are a great way to ensure your practice runs smoothly.

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Tasks can be automatically added from anything in your product database.

  1. Navigate to Products from the Admin tab in your Shepherd menu

  2. On the Products & Services tab, search for the product or service you wish to add an automated task to

  3. Select the product or service to enter the Edit Product screen

  4. Scroll to the automatic task section and mark the toggle on to see the custom fields you'll need to complete to add the task

Automatic Task Fields

  • Title (a name for your automatic task)

  • Due In (the number associated with the time unit you'll select next)

  • Time Unit (days, weeks, months, or years)

    • Due in and Time Unit will determine the date from the administration date the task will be due

Once that information is filled out and the product or service is saved, the task will automatically populate whenever that product or service is administered in a SOAP or added to an invoice.

To view all tasks, select the Tasks tab from your Shepherd Menu.

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