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Prescriptions: Recommended Refill Workflow
Prescriptions: Recommended Refill Workflow

Here's our preferred method of refilling prescriptions with Shepherd.

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In Shepherd, there are three steps to filling refills for patients' prescriptions:

  • Requesting

  • Approving (or denying)

  • Completing

While there will always be differences in how practices run, we've designed this flow to work with practices of all kinds. Let's break it down.

Note: If you want, we also have a more in-depth guide to prescription refills that explains the different ways you're able to fill Rx requests.

Requesting a refill

When a client reaches out to request a refill, the CSR (or whoever's fielding the request) will be able to put in a request through the patient's dashboard. Dosage is confirmed by leaving a note in the prescription's page.

Once the prescription has been requested, it will populate in the dashboard's 'Rx Refill Requests' section. This section allows doctors to both see and approve/deny requests in bulk.

Approving a refill

From the dashboard, the doctor can approve individual or multiple refill requests.

Once those are approved, the CSR can then print prescription labels and fill the medications, after which they can then take the filled prescription to the front to be picked up.

Completing an approved refill

Depending on the practice, the tech can either mark the prescription as 'complete' when it's brought to the front or after they've called the client and let them know that their refill is ready to be picked up.

Regardless, completing an approved refill will automatically add the appropriate charge to an invoice.

Denying a refill

If a doctor denies a refill, they'll leave a note as to why (ex: lab work is needed). This will allow the tech to follow up with the client and let them know why the request has been denied and what's needed.

Completing a denied refill

Completing a denied refill is all about making sure the client is in the loop. After the client has been informed about any issues/next steps, the denied refill can be marked as 'complete.'

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