Quick Invoices: Explained

Ever have a client swing by to pick up some dental chews they got after their last visit? Or maybe they really want a few of your practice’s keychains for stocking stuffers. Either way, a quick invoice is an ideal way to create an invoice for a client outside of a medical record.

To generate a quick invoice:

  1. Select ‘Clients/Patients’ from your practice’s dashboard

  2. Search for the client

  3. Select their name to open their client dashboard

  4. Navigate to the ‘Financial’ section of their dashboard

  5. Select ‘Quick Invoice’ (this will generate a new invoice)

Once you’re in the new invoice, you’ll need to:

  1. Add whatever items they want in the ‘Add Invoice Items’ section

  2. Print or email the invoice (if they’d like a copy)

  3. Select ‘Take Payment,’ which will take you to the payments section

Finally, take their payment by:

  1. Selecting which invoice(s) you want to apply the payment towards

  2. Choosing the payment method

  3. Inserting the amount to be applied

  4. Adding any notes about the payment (i.e 'Payment 1 of 3')

  5. Selecting 'Check Out'

Note: if you're using our integrated payment processing with Shepherd Pay, payments will be batched every night at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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