To navigate to the Prescriptions section:

  1. Open a SOAP (either from the patient's dashboard or your clinic's dashboard)

  2. Click the ‘Rx’ at the top of the record.

Once you're here, you can either:

Adding a Prescription in the Patient's SOAP

We’ve made adding a new prescription to a patient’s record through the SOAP a pretty straightforward process. But there are a few fields worth explaining.

After you’ve navigated to the ‘Prescription’ section of the SOAP, click the ‘Add New’ button on the right side of the screen.

Once the ‘New Prescription’ page has been opened, you’ll fields for:

  • In-House/Written: determines whether the client needs to go to a pharmacy for the Rx or if you can fill it in-house

  • Medication: the product you're prescribing

  • Quantity Dispensed: quantity of the medication prescribed for each refill

  • No. of Refills: Number of refills for the prescription

  • Expiration Date: when the prescription (not the product) expires

  • Calculate Quantity: generates a calculator that determines the total dosage needed for the prescription

  • Directions: usually for administration, these print on the Rx label and are different than discharge instructions

  • Prescribing Doctor: doctor who wrote the Rx; populates in the record and can used for production tracking

Once the appropriate fields have been filled out, click 'Save' to add it to their record, invoice, and automatically populate any discharge instructions associated with the prescription.

Deleting a Prescription in the Patient's SOAP

If you've added a prescription in a patient's SOAP and need to delete it:

  1. Navigate to the 'Rx' section of the SOAP

  2. Click the edit icon (pink box).

This will open up the prescription inside the SOAP. Once that's open, click the delete icon in the upper righthand corner of the 'Edit Prescription' section (green box).

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