To navigate to the ‘Plan’ section:

  1. From the dashboard, click on a patient with an open SOAP

  2. Once open, click the ‘P’ at the top of the record.

Note: you can also get there through searching for a patient in ‘Clients/Patients’ and opening their SOAP from the patient dashboard.

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The ‘Plan’ section of the patient SOAP is broken down into three sections:

  • Treatment Plan (Tx Plan)

  • Treatment Schedule (Tx Schedule)

  • Treatment History (Tx History)

Let’s take a look at the different sections and how they all work together to ensure quality patient care and save you time.

Treatment Plan (Tx Plan)

To get to the treatment plan, open a patient’s SOAP and then click on the ‘P’ in the SOAP bar at the top of the page.

The Treatment Plan section (‘Tx Plan’) will be the first field when clicking on "P". This section acts as a sort of hub for all things related to the patient’s treatment.

From here, you’ll be able to:

  • Give a recommendation

  • Take notes on the treatment

  • Add and order treatments

  • View the high-level treatment plan

Treatment Plan: Recommendation

The recommendation is your professional recommendation as to how to best care for the patient. This is an expandable text field, which allows you to personalize a recommendation as much as you need to, depending on patient needs. If you need to expand the text box, click and drag the lower right hand corner of the box.

Treatment Plan: Notes

Of course, clients won’t always want to proceed with every part of your recommendation, and that’s where the notes section comes into play. This is also a flexible text box, which allows you to effectively document client communications about the treatment plan.

The notes section isn’t just for documenting client communication, either. You’re also able to include any relevant notes about how the patient is responding to the treatment, as well as any information about why treatments were selected.

Note: the notes will be included on the patient record.

Add and Order Treatments

The core of the ‘Plan’ section is ordering and administering treatments. These treatments are directly linked to the ‘Products’ section in admin.

To add a treatment, search for it in the search bar. If you have multiple treatments or services you want to add to the patient’s treatment plan, they’ll populate in the bar. Once you’ve selected all of the treatments you want to add, click the ‘Add’ button to the right.

Once treatments have been added—and before they’re administered or scheduled—you’ll be able to edit each individually. This is particularly helpful for:

  • Adding a dosage for medication

  • Changing the priority of a treatment

After you have made your edits, you can either Save, or Save and Order.

Note: when changing the dosage, it’s important that you have an accurate weight for the patient because Shepherd can automatically calculate the quantity for you.

Scheduling Treatments

To schedule a treatment, click the ‘Schedule Treatments’ button on the right side of the screen.

Note: when you schedule treatments, you must schedule all treatments, but you can administer individual treatments beforehand if you need.

When you schedule treatments, they’ll populate in a few different places. If your practice has the whiteboard enabled, you’ll be able to see all scheduled treatments for your whole practice. You’ll also be able to sort them by priority (STAT, Scheduled, and PRN), patient, treatment name, and time created.

Scheduled treatments will also populate in the patient’s treatment schedule, which you can see by scrolling down on the "P" tab. The treatment schedule is the only place a treatment can be administered after it’s been scheduled, so even when you open a treatment from the whiteboard, you’ll land on the patient’s treatment schedule page.

Administering Treatments

There are two ways to administer a treatment from the treatment plan section:

  • Administering all added treatments at once

  • Administering individual treatments

To administer all treatments at once, click the ‘Administer Treatments' either on the right side of the screen, or in the bottom footer.

Or, if you only want to administer single treatment (or a few individual treatments), click the icon on the left of the three icons under ‘Actions.’

Treatment Schedule

Once the treatment has been scheduled, the only place you can administer it is in the treatment schedule. To get there, scroll to the ‘Tx Schedule’ section of the "P" tab.

To administer a treatment from the treatment schedule, select the treatment by clicking the checkbox to the left of the treatment’s name and then press ‘Administer Treatments’ in the upper right corner, or click the first of the Action icons on the right of the screen.

Treatment History

Administering treatments automatically adds them to the patient’s treatment history, which you’re able to see by navigating to the ‘Tx History’ tab at the top of the page. In this tab, you’re also able to add and edit treatments by:

  • Adding individual treatment notes (orange)

  • Adjusting the time a treatment was administered (teal)

  • Un-administering a treatment (pink)

Removing/Canceling a Treatment

If a treatment that has been administered already needs to be canceled:

  • scroll to the Tx History section of the "P" tab and click the curved arrow under the Actions column. This will push it back to the Tx Schedule section, where you can edit if needed.

  • If no edits are needed and this treatment needs to be removed completely from the SOAP, click the "Stop" action button, or click the box to the left of the treatment name and then click "Stop Selected Treatment".

  • This will push it back to the Tx Plan section, where it can be completely deleted from the SOAP by clicking the trash can icon under Actions

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