The 'Subjective' is designed to be filled out at the beginning of a patient's visit. Use the subjective to document:

Initial complaint

Current medications or supplements


The initial complaint will pre-fill with what's entered under Reason for visit when creating the appointment. If nothing is entered there, it will be blank and you can enter the complaint as you check the patient in (often used on the fly in ER clinics).

Add any existing medications to the patient’s medical record.

If the patient is a returning patient and medications/supplements have already been added to their record from a previous Shepherd SOAP, their existing prescription History and Current medications will populate.

The history is related to the initial complaint. It can be how long the patient has been experiencing symptoms, anything that seems to have caused the symptom’s onset, and any other relevant information regarding the patient’s medical past.

Tip: Open text fields like these are a great place to use our talk-to-text integrations.

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